Exclusive: XRP Tip Bot app approved by Google and Apple stores to carry the crypto-torch forward

Exclusive: XRP Tip Bot app approved by Google and Apple stores to carry the crypto-torch forward

The community celebrates as the XRP Tip Bot, a third-party software built on the XRP Ledger, created by a developer called Wietse Wind, reached major success at the onset of being approved by Google and Apple.

Regarding the news, the creator stated that he will also be creating a one-page instruction website that will be coming out soon. In an exclusive with AMBCrypto, Wind said:

“With the XRPTipBot App it’s really easy to Tip your friends, family or even stores or restaurants in real life. Just enter the amount and scan a QR code. The QR codes on the XRPTipBot Personal Donation pages work as well.”

Furthermore, to acknowledge the significance and celebration of the approval, the Tip Bot app has featured an increased tip limit of 20 XRP on each tip. The expected consumers that will be using the Tip Bot in real life are stores, pubs, restaurants, charities and friends/families.

Wietse Wind also clarified that the initial days of the Tip Bot app will allow the activation for users only by scanning the QR from their desktop. The team is working on an update that will feature mobile activation of the app as well.

Recently, the XRP Tip Bot received an integration plan from Coil, which is another third party micropayment platform built on the XRP Ledger. The collaboration enabled Tip Bot users to make micropayments in XRP via Coil. Coil is a crypto-startup that was created for its users to tip the websites that they visit in cryptocurrency.

An interesting feature provided by Coil is STREAM [Streaming Transport for the Real-time Exchange of Assets and Messages]. This means that the cryptocurrency payments are made in tiny bits but in a continuous flow. It is considered a huge change in the XRP ecosystem as it is believed that there can be a service that may allow users to pay per stream. For instance, the users may pay only for the seconds of the video that they have streamed.

Colourful Crypto, a Twitter user and an XRP follower on the social media platform stated:

“thank you for contributing to the XRP community by creating the tip bot app and anything else you have done for us! <3”

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