WWE joins NFT bandwagon, announces Undertaker NFT

WWE joins NFT bandwagon, announces Undertaker NFT

NFTs have surged in popularity in the past few months and the WWE seems to be the latest participant joining the bandwagon. The WWE announced that it will create the company’s first-ever NFT that showcases iconic moments from its legendary wrestler the Undertaker’s career. The sale of the NFT comes ahead of the popular pay-per-view event Wrestlemania.

According to the press release, WWE’s NFTs are in conjunction with Bitski and will be available for purchase from April 10 to April 11. The tokens will be sold under four categories and the auctions will be open for 37 hours, ending on 11 April, 11:30 AM EST. The platinum tier token will have an opening bid of $10,000, gold for $5000, silver for $1000, and finally bronze will start at $100.

Elaborating on the NFT launch,  Nick Khan, WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer said,

“WWE’s first-ever NFT collection presents an opportunity to own a digital piece of history featuring The Undertaker, one of the most iconic Superstars in sports entertainment,”  and went to on add that, ” “This will also allow WWE to deepen our connection with the WWE Universe during our biggest event, WrestleMania.”

2021 has seen a tremendous rise in interest for NFTs and in recent months digital art has been able to fetch up to $69 million in price as evidenced by the recent Beeple art sale. While digital art can always be copied and duplicated, buyers of the NFT own a “token” that proves that they own the original work. In addition to Beeple, Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey also promoted an NFT of the first-ever tweet, that sold for over $2.9 million a few weeks ago.


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