[ANN][EMOC] - Emocoin - NFT Emoji Blockchain

[ANN][EMOC] - Emocoin - NFT Emoji Blockchain

EMOC - New Cryptocurrency. With Emoji Core!Crypto with "built-in" NFT!Our chain was built to enable unique emoji with each (coinbase) transaction.We have created a NFT blockchain without the need for smart contracts. Staking rewards you with new emoji.Chain Name:EmoCoinTicker:EMOCAlgorithm:Custom POSCoin Block Reward:POW 18 EMOCPOS 9 EMOC / 1EMOC to Dev WalletEmoji Block Reward:1 EmojiMining (POW):0-1000 blocksStaking (POS):100% after block 1000Block Time:45sCoin Supply:64,000,000 EMOCPremine:1,000,000 EMOCDev Block Reward:1 EMOCEmoji Generations:12Estimated Generation time:90 daysWallets (also available on emoc.io)Download MacOS Wallet:Emoc Wallet v1.3.92 MacOSDownload Linux Wallet:Emoc Wallet v1.3.92 LinuxAMD64Emoc Headless Node v1.3.7Download Windows Wallet:Emoc Wallet v1.3.92 Win10Stake and earn new Emoji to collect, trade or sell!website: https://emoc.ioblock explorer: https://explorer.emoc.iogithub: https://github.com/emo-coin/EmocNodegithub: (pushing wallet UI this week)

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