[ANN]|????ETERNAL HERO|RPG game built on NFT blockchain technology | Win & Earn $

[ANN]|????ETERNAL HERO|RPG game built on NFT blockchain technology | Win & Earn $

Eternal Hero is an RPG game built on NFT blockchain technology. You need to win the challenges, rescue the Eternals and earn $ETL token
Clytie is an ecosystem that includes Shop to Earn and Play to Earn platforms. Build with CLY token as core currency.
SHOP TO EARNClytie app helps users to shop and get crypto cashback. This smart model helps merchants sell products and buyers receive crypto cashback. A special feature is the cashback rate of 75% when holding CLY tokens in the wallet. In addition, the Gamification feature helps users play and earn crypto every day on the Clytie app. This is a Win-win-win model with Seller - Clytie - Buyer. The online shopping community is very large that Clytie wants to target, Clytie wants that  everyone own CLY tokens when shopping and CLY tokens as a utility token, smart token.PLAY TO EARNEternal Hero is an RPG game built on NFT blockchain technology. Players own Eternal hero and items NFT. Players need to defeat Deviants monsters to rescue other Eternals and get rewards. You had better have a good strategy and strong Eternal Heroes to be not eliminated early.
  CLY TokenCLY is the utility & governance token of the CLYTIE ecosystem. CLY holders will be able to claim rewards when they stake, play to earn, exchange, become Membership in Clytie Shop, and participate in key governance. Players will also be able to earn $CLY when they play various games within the CLYTIE ecosystem and through user-generated content initiatives.To decentralize the ownership and governance of CLYTIE. In the Future, the Community Treasury will go live. The Community Treasury will begin to receive revenues generated by Clytie Shop platform And C-World game as well as a portion of staking rewards. This treasury will be governed by CLY stakers eventually, once the network has become sufficiently decentralized. Token UtilityCLYTIE's goal is to create a utility ecosystem for CLY token holders and gradually bring it to real-life values. Here are the current utilities
TeamClytie's team brings together young people with a passion for technology. Especially in the field of mobile apps and cryptocurrency. Since 2017, the first 5 core members established the software company SUUSOFT. By 2020 the number is 20 members and other part-time partners. With the mission of consulting and developing solutions for information technology projects, with many fields such as e-commerce, tourism, social networks, games, and especially blockchain segment such as e-wallets, exchanges. Drawing from previous experiences, in 2021 Clytie team developed crypto products. What we feel proud of is that the core members are still enthusiastic and stick together. We do our best to create high-quality products, smart solutions to serve society, especially the crypto community.

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