FMCPAY Regional Community ManagerAs a FMCPAY Regional Community Manager, you will be responsible for managing and enhancing the company’s image across social media platforms through strategic marketing campaigns and engaging daily content.Responsibilities:Content Management: Plan, prepare, and edit region-specific content for social media and other platforms in line with marketing campaigns and local market trends. Monitor and engage with interactions on the company’s social media platforms.Community Engagement: Oversee and nurture local communities interested in the company and its products. Develop strategies to engage these communities and foster strong relationships.Trend Application: Stay updated with the latest social media marketing trends and apply this knowledge to grow local social channels according to assigned KPIs. Proactively create and manage satellite channels and groups to enhance interaction and support the main project channels. Develop engaging discussion topics to attract new users.Market Trend Adaptation: Monitor local market trends and create relevant content to align with these trends.Performance Reporting: Report on the growth and effectiveness of managed channels to the Head of Department or Marketing Director. Provide insights and recommendations based on local market feedback.

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