The Satoshi Nakamoto Way, Saving Freedom with a New Utopia

The Satoshi Nakamoto Way, Saving Freedom with a New Utopia

Packed trains meet this unusually cold London day as Britain gets back to work nearly two months on after government forced inactivity.

Keep calm and carry on should have been the slogan from the start and is now the slogan for many, who the government is telling to stay alert.

A very alert fluffy dog was enjoying the pavement walk with couples going about, less people running for exercise, and more mothers with their children.

They can go out as much as they like now, using common sense, to the fury of communist Nicholas Sturgeon of Scotland who couldn’t miss the opportunity to make some cheap political points.

Corbyn lost two elections but plenty wondered if he might win the war and turn Britain communist. Enraged thus is the left that the government may no longer pay them to sit at home all day and do nothing like useless lazy bums.

Look at the sad state of this great institution where lives and livelihoods of now nearly 70 million people are decided in almost empty chambers despite the Prime Minister himself addressing the house and the nation.

Some 80 years ago this very house could have been taken out by one German bomb, and yet it was packed back then while now in spring it stands empty.

What went wrong is a question this millennial generation will have to grapple with as gradually they move to take those positions of the blond and the boring Starmer of generation no name, Generation X.

A generation that allowed their government to betray the principle of no war of aggression in 2003 and a generation that now cowers even more than the boomers in front of some flu which has affected only 0.05% of the British population.

Directly that is, and even that 0.05% is or was people on their way anyway, gonners as the chief scientist said at the beginning of this usurption.

Yet they now act outraged that people have to work, while at the same time they are very silent regarding this very unusual cold spell in May.

Is it perhaps because carbon levels have fallen significantly, and therefore in the extreme we could get an ice age because one volcanic eruption and it could well be we’re all fucked.

Not that many now trust much of anything the left says. Generation X as it happens is the smallest generation and thankfully so because as children they were terrorized by nukes potentially going off, as adults by the events that opened the millennium, and thereafter by the banking collapse.

Yet they’re now in charge and clearly it appears principles to them are a malleable thing. Their communist utopia trumps all, with all of them ignoring of course just what ‘utopians’ did in the 40s or in soviet russia.

Is it any wonder this generation has given us no new idea for now decades, stuck instead in the past, clutching to the super effective utopian propaganda of earlier times, and trusting far too much the semi-communistic and thus authoritarian governments of our time.

They attacked our family units, they emptied the churches, they reduced the idea of neighborhood into nothing, they deserted politics, and during all of it they provided no alternative.

The present to them is the priests of the past. The future is the implementation of those flawed dogmas. Thinking to them is a task for only old books.

The utilization of trillions in resources, and the outright theft of many months of everyone’s time, is a very clear illustration of why exactly we do not have flying cars.

This squandering of capacity when due to entropy you have to constantly keep up indicates so very clearly the reasons for the decaying buildings of New York.

Was it really so necessary to take so much resources from all for two decades just because some arabs wanted their own sovereign state?

Is it such a coincidence that just now they have been ‘defeated’ we get a months or years long roadmap of kind of opening up or maybe not really opening up and of potentially closing down again with all these resources so once more to be taken, keeping humanity down, chained and enslaved.

No wonder people flock to the likes of Alex Jones and no wonder most tech platforms love to censor him because people understand he speaks in metaphors, well normal people that is, the xbots maybe don’t.

Obviously no one thinks there are actual lizards, just as no one believes the founder of Rome was really given birth by an eagle and a lion mating, but plenty of people think and do know because there is scientific evidence that there are cold blooded people – hence lizards – who have no empathy or care.

Rick and Morty is a good illustration of that cold bloodedness for it claims to be teaching people something under the guise of science when they are engaging in brainwashing which amounts to something like life doesn’t matter, empathy is stupid, morals are useless, there is no afterlife.

No one who bothered to think for even a second can agree with the latter for if energy can not be created or destroyed, and we are made of atoms, then in this infinite time those atoms will at some point again organize themselves in our current composition.

From that then derives the question of what kind of life do we want to come to when we do return albeit in a largely blanket state and perhaps in a more developed state.

A question that forms the basis of morality, politics and state, society and money, power and existence itself.

A question the current generation in charge has completely ignored for somehow they find comfort in the idea that life has no meaning, and thus that it is all some sort of show.

Hence why they are happy to sit all day and see stupid shows on TV and pretend they are laughing, to have no ambition nor aims, no dreams, certainly not to think of what they are, or is, or could be.

And that goes not just for the peasant xbots, but also for those in them towers where they spend all day chained in bureaucratic protocols and rules laid down centuries ago and still applicable because to question is sinful.

There must be billions of books containing all the regulations that by the force of law apply upon all women and men, books no one can even name and yet at opportune time they give claim to abusers.

Generation X may be the one giving orders currently – and you must understand we’re gravely generalizing due to necessity – but it is the millennial generation that implements and enforces those orders.

It is also the millennial generation that now has the privilege of looking at not just orders but also systems to see how they can be improved, if at all.

The guiding principle should be that we will return, and therefore, we have to set up the rules or principles that we would like to find when we do come back.

This for long unstated foundational basis of all things explains very well why generally we do progress and why by far, if not fully, man is good albeit potentially mistaken or misled or trapped in no choice circumstances.

Under this basis we thus need to create a new world and bottom up. Without ignoring politics for ultimately we are physical beings and you can’t easily just escape gestapos knocking on the door, but also without asking for permission to the extent one is following the spirit of the law.

We effectively have to act more, within the constrains if necessary, and in a way that engages less in philosophy and more in living reality.

For the tendency of the government to abuse the populace within its control, often illegitimately so, is now too obvious and therefore there must be a reaction where power is taken from the government by acts that are fully peaceful and fully legal like through creating amish neighborhoods, towns or cities.

And of course we don’t mean by following the amish ideology, we mean by claiming within full legal rights the sovereignty in perspective within a common area.

Because one size fits all obviously doesn’t work. You can’t have all of England in uniform. Same regimented streets, same brutalist architecture, same ruler for all.

Just like there are free economic zones, one can have biotech zones or art zones or flying cars zones.

In short we need to realize that as social beings we can coordinate and cooperate and become an autonomous cell that has its own culture and governance within the current system where the ten commandments are concerned.

For there are the diseconomies of size, and they are very brutal. At some point localism has to claim its place, and that point is now because afterall this is our own lives and our lives are not under the ownership of anyone but our own thoughts.

We must claim thus the right over our own selves not by demanding but by simple organizing in a way that doesn’t necessarily reject the current system, nor necessarily ignores it, but simply forms its own values and perspectives and governance as well as ambitions and so on.

For we are free and always will be and freedom is as well as will always remain a choice by one and all.


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