Has Ethereum Defi-ance Checkmated SEC?

Has Ethereum Defi-ance Checkmated SEC?

The curtailment of freedoms in the United States over the past two decades through revolving doors corruption has been made clear once more to this space by the Securities and Exchanges Commission busying themselves with bullying a bitcoin app that had banned US users.

The comical justification of SEC that designers were Americans and therefore pay up, is another indication of how this institution has made a mockery of the law by bypassing the court system and therefore the legal and constitutional system of the United States to give itself freedom to interpret acts of Congress as it pleases.

And yet, despite the best efforts of Capo Jay Clayton (pictured, ya it’s real) who has been paid to serve bankers all his life, the ethereum space in particular and the crypto space in general keeps moving and arguably has checkmated the corrupt paper system that unduly gives power based on long outdated laws to bankers’ servants like Clayton.


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