Dice 3D, the best ROI dApp on TRON

Dice 3D, the best ROI dApp on TRON

100% DC Token Dividends

To make players the real owners of the platform and enjoy benefits from its growth, Dice 3D shares 100% of its total incomes with all DC holders as dividends. In other games, this percentage is usually at around 60%. DC tokens are TRC20 standard tokens created by the Dice 3D gaming platform and can only be mined by playing the game. DC holders will constantly and automatically receive dividends on a daily basis.

Crypto Growth with Energy Bank

Resources have always been a problem for dApp developers on TRON. To solve this problem, Dice 3D innovatively introduced an energy bank in the game, where players can deposit TRX to help the game gain resources while in return, the game offers interest to all depositors. Just like a bank in real life, players are also able to withdraw their full amount of TRX at any time without commissions. It’s a constant growth of players’ TRX with almost no risks.

Healthy Token Economy

The biggest problem with existing dApps in the market is that most of them don’t have a healthy recycling or burning design for their tokens which would inevitably lead to an economic collapse. Hence, to avoid this from happening, Dice 3D has come up with a reliable coin burn solution.

Based on competitive dApps’ performance, as long as the game runs smoothly, a daily ROI of over 70% can be expected in the early stage. What makes Dice 3D more interesting is that there is a special section in the game where free TRX will be occupationally airdropped.

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