[ANN] What Novelties EthereumCum is bringing to Adult Entertainment?

[ANN] What Novelties EthereumCum is bringing to Adult Entertainment?

Adult Entertainment, while a prosperous industry, still lacks because of misconceptions and outdated beliefs. Like any other entertainment industry, the adult entertainment industry also depends vastly on the talent of artists and directors. However, censorship has rigged the industry with several shortcomings and unfair advantages to certain intermediaries controlling the industry. The creators and artists do not get fair compensation for their hard work because of their intermediaries. One of the reasons for this monopoly is a lack of a robust payment system as the payment network giants have banned the transactions because of “the high risk” factor. The only alternative is to stick to providers that levy unusually high processing fees.
EthereumCum is an ERC-20 token that operates on the Ethereum mainnet to alleviate risk for users and investors. It is a disruptive blockchain platform designed to cater to the needs of the adult entertainment industry and solve all the major problems faced by artists. The artists and the filmmakers are connected independently to the audience, hence eliminating censorship, intermediaries, etc., along the process.
EthereumCum uses blockchain to create a decentralized, transparent, and secure platform. Adult entertainment artists can use these solutions and grow their fanbases.

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